Word-less Wednesday: Finding the right spot

Lily-of-the-Valley is one of those romantic plants that uniformly evokes, "Oooh!  Lily-of-the-Valley...I love Lily-of-the-Valley...I remember it from when I was a child!"  Which is why my mother has had it planted in her beds since 1991, redolent of her native Norway.  Perplexingly, it never once flowered.  Last  summer I was renovating the plantings and decided to give it one more chance.  The Kentucky soil has a basic pH already, but I moved it near the foundation on a small hunch-back slope and along the concrete driveway to ensure a higher number.  The nearby Hydrangea m. always tend toward pink.  I've seen it successfully blanketing slopes with a "hills-are-alive" charm--even in more acidic Georgia (don't go get your hopes up, Atlantans!)--so this seemed like a good idea.  Now they're flowering less than a year later--an elegant symbol of rebirth on my Easter visit.

Convallaria majalis: Lily of the Valley

Another moment at my parents':

2-year old Cotinus 'Grace' amidst Roses, Yucca a. 'Marginata', Tradescantia 'Sweet Kate', Physocarpus 'Diabolo' and Miscanthus 'Adagio'


  1. I believe it had more to do with the love accompanying the garden renovation than the acidity of the soil, but that's just my romantic side talking.....

    1. Keep that romantic side coming...I love it!

  2. Love the seeing plants budding out!

    Your newest follower,

    Two in the Nest

  3. Love the cotinus leaves against the sun. Such warming colors!


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