The heat is on...

I must say that this Baptisia is pretty heavenly...

Rosa 'Mutabilis'--my own has been eaten up by caterpillars!
It's April 2nd and the heat index in Midtown Atlanta approached 90 degrees...would it be fair to say that March went out less like a lamb than a fire-breathing dragon?  Still, it may be the prettiest spring I can remember with every bud unfolding in concert.  It turns out Confederate roses and Forsythia are a great I wouldn't have considered, as they are never concomitant bloomers. Thrift, Native azaleas, Hellebores, Daffodils, Rosa 'Mutabilis', and even an Oak leaf Hydrangea all at once, while the fig trees are starting to bear fruit.  It's like a bloom-time mash-up.  What to make of this, I do not know. I've already been bitten by mosquitoes, it's too hot for Sam to come riding around with me, and my transplants are flagging in the heat.  It wouldn't be shocking for us to have an occasional day in March or April at this temp, but the numbers have been consistently above 80, with limited precipitation.  The only thing I know to do is to stay right with it, to enjoy the Iris pallida and big-headed Viburnum (V. macrocephalum) in a symphonic display that even Monet would have been hard-pressed to capture.  Any exercise in plein-aire painting would be challenged by the fact the blooms are changing faster than could be rendered with a brush.  So instead of fretting over bugs, water, and weeds,catastrophizing about weather to come, I'm watching--eyes wide open--hoping to savor these lovely days.  

Some shots of our NMG work in the last week...

Espaliered Viburnum macrocephalum
Bearded Iris with Spiraea thunbergii 'Ogon' in the background

Heuchera 'Autumn Bride', Tulipa clusianas, and Simphytum (Comfrey)

That's a golden-leafed Forsythia 'Golden Times' in the background

There's that Confederate Rose blooming...


  1. Wow! Me and my husband, Andrew, live in Jewell which is just 12 miles from your lovely home! I run a small tea room & gift shop (antiques & vintages) in Jewell. I am an interior designer, allied ASID, and have ordered many a product from Currey & Co. for my clients. So glad to know who you are and would love to come for a visit. I am a master gardener so you know I looooove your gardens! We've been driving by your place for 11 years now when we go through Sparta! I always stop and gaze in trying to catch a glimpse of all the wonderful things you have evolving!! Hope you don't mind me inviting myself! ;) Come by and stop in for tea! I make 'award-winning' scones that are 'almost famous'! LOL! You can find me on fb...The Jewell Box at Rosemont.


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