Lantern Parade on the Atlanta Beltline

On Saturday night, I joined in the fun festivities at the Atlanta Beltline, where, along with the Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons, the friends of the Beltline were holding a Lantern Parade for the Arts. Creative Atlantans came out in spades, bearing motley light-bearing orbs and figures, uniting for a festive and trippy celebration along Atlanta's best new attraction.  Musicians and stilt performers, families and artists participated in the dreamy occasion, which is quickly becoming a Beltline tradition.  It was this city at its best, with an interesting, engaged crowd of people supporting forward movement, Atlanta-style.  I think a little more calculated MC-ing,  performance art, and food trucks could have rounded out the nature of the event better, but all in all, it was a great evening.

This celebration was held at the end of Dallas Dr., just off of Glen Iris, and much contruction and planting has been completed over the last several months.  In this low pocket of the Old Fourth Ward, the landscape architects have incorporated grasses and wetland plants (I'm curious to see how the water-marginal plants do in the slighly more elevated levels of the park). Several lovely selections of Chasmanthium, Panicum ('Northwind' and "Dewey Blues'), Andropogon, Birches (? a little dated looking?), Juncus, Rudbeckias, and Itea were planted as part of the design, which I think could be as forward-thinking as the Beltline movement itself.   The hardscape is more traditional heavy-handed and little more '80s than I would prefer, but it is in keeping with much of the built environment in that section of the Old Fourth Ward and Poncey-Highlands.  I would have preferred to have seen something a little new and different.  The planting design, however, is a bit more full-bodied than many native plantings around the city, and I'm looking forward to seeing how everything grows up, attracting Atlantans and wildlife alike.

Again, pictures from my back in effect soon!

The Krewe of Grateful Gluttons in last minute prep

We had a great view of the commencing performances, before getting up to march.

Panicum 'Northwind' along path to ampitheatre

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  1. I've really been loving the planting of this park--I get down there with my dog friend, Kali, at least two or three times a month and I've been impressed with the continuity of blooms and color changes. The park is home to a lot of my favorite plants (and did you get to the playground area to the north of the water park? good job up there as well!). I'm curious to see how it all flushes out, what survives or struggles. Glad you got out there!


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