Atlanta happenings...Vampires and Labyrinths

I've been busy catching up with some fun Atlanta happenings, including the Light Show at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Picasso to Warhol at the High Museum, and Iron & Wine at the Buckhead Theatre--good times!  Of particular interest, however, is a project I viewed in Morningside, designed by Julie Evans with the Fockele Garden Company.  I've had my eye on its development, as they have been working since last January on the site--including an extensive renovation to the steeply-sloping front garden that comprises a stone labyrinth and a lot of expertly executed rock-work.  Now, the back garden is in full swing.  It's one of the more innovative projects I've seen in the area, including that they are installing a natural pool (in other words, a built swimming hole, that has a filtering pond and is chemical-free).  

Another quirky happening has been the shooting of the Vampire Diaries (airs on the CW Network) at New Moon Gardens designer David McMullin's Lithonia farm.  It's amazing the way they come in and canvas a space in such a short period of time.  For the shooting of a single episode, there is an enormous amount of equipment, security, and a substantial crew shaking up the Klondike area of South Dekalb County.  The region is such a distinctly beautiful part of the South, and the farm is designed to reinforce and highlight the natural contours of the land and reference the historic legacy of  the1830s property.  It's a little disarming to see so much hubbub abounding in a space that is normally a peace and quiet time-warp.  I couldn't take a lot of shots because of security, but here are a few.


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