To Petaluma and down the coast

So, in my new Marin digs, it can be a bit overwhelming to even decide what fun thing to do.  Today, I needed to source some plants for a new project, so I used it as an excuse to drive up to Petaluma and wind my way back down the West Marin coastline---probably the most evocative place I've ever been.
I didn't take many shots, but here is the entry to Cottage Gardens in Petaluma, which has elegant olive trees in large planters framing the entry.  You can see it was a glorious afternoon...
I also saw this stupidly pretty Echeveria imbricata blooming its head off on the side of the road in Pt. Reyes Station...don't mind me, I'm just beautiful here in this abandoned sidewalk.

So, another crazy thing about this part of the world is the marine climate and the way the inland heat pulls in the fog.  Not that I'm gonna get angry with this force of nature, but it did steal my view this evening.  Nonetheless, it's that fog system that grows slugs like these---for serious!


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